Judas Goats & Dieseleaters

by Ed Gein



released November 1, 2005

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Chris Owens in July of 2005 at Headbangin' Kill Your Mama Music in Louisville, KY

Artwork and design by Paul Romano

Released by Black Market Activities. www.blackmarketactivities.com



all rights reserved


Ed Gein Syracuse, New York

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Track Name: Bastard
I hope a cancer claims you that stem cells could have cured. And as you're puking out your guts from chemo and dying in your bed, I hope your god still comforts you. Because due to your ban of federal funding science can not save you. And you did it to yourself. And you'll be taking thousands more down with you, all because you equate a ball of cells in a petri dish with a conscious human being. If I ever met you without your secret service I would spit in your face.
Track Name: Small Towns, Small Minds
Don't yell "white power" at me you white trash piece of shit. I'm not your god damn brother. I won't stand here and watch you draw lines in the sand, and divide us up by color. Fuck you and your heritage. Fuck your ignorant confederate culture. We're all human beings, why don't you start acting like one.
Track Name: Killing a Co-Worker
Wise men talk because they have something to say. Fools talk because they have to say something. Which one are you? I'm no sage, but I'm no fool either. Now shut your mouth and do your job, because so far you haven't said anything worth saying.
Track Name: Amen
You're supposed to serve a higher power, but instead you serve the will off your tiny dick. A pervert of the cloth, taking cover behind the church. Praying on your brothel (of alter boys). I'd love to kick the holy shit out of you "father." And the Pope is no better; saying you'll be punished in heaven. Imaginary justice in an imaginary afterlife. But until then, the church of molestation is in session. "Suck my dick for a free ride to heaven!"